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The Price of Cu and Al conductor keep growing in October under market pressure


The Price of Cu and Al conductor keep growing in October under market pressure

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Under the impact of the latest round of production suspension news related to the energy crisis, the international metal futures prices soared collectively on Thursday, which reflected that the burden on the shoulders of the real economy was heavier.Stimulated by the news of Nyrstar's suspension of production, Lentium zinc once rose by 6% in the intraday market on Thursday; aluminum, which also requires a lot of energy, rose to a new high since 2008; Lentium copper, which rose by 3%, once again returned to the $10,000 mark, while spot and The spread of futures prices reached a new high in the past decade against the background of global inventory decline, which indicates that the market will continue to tighten.

As a key indicator to measure the six basic industrial metals, the London Metal Exchange Metal Index (LMEX) also rose by more than 2% on Thursday, reaching a record high of 4623 points. The index has increased by 35% year-to-date.

For the energy market, power outages and soaring energy prices in many countries in Europe and Asia are the most obvious short-term factors, but the rise in raw material prices is also brewing a new round of shocks. The spot price index of industrial raw materials in the United States also hit a record high this week, reflecting the soaring prices of raw materials such as hides, tallow and metal scrap that are not traded on futures exchanges.

Regarding the zinc that triggered the latest round of collective rise in metal prices, Deutsche Bank analyst Daniel Briesemman said that if capacity reductions continue for a longer period of time, it will inevitably have a significant impact on the supply of this metal. Under the expectation of severe shortage, the current market price response is very reasonable.

Including London Copper, five of the six basic industrial metals on the London Metal Exchange are in a spot premium state, fully demonstrating the widespread pressure on spot supply.

【Title】Supply-side worries induce a surge in industrial metals across the board, LME metals index continues to hit a record high


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