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Technical Advantages


Technical Advantages

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As well-known cable and wire manufacturer in North part of China with more than 30 years experience, Jidong Putian Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Holds that technology is the most important productivity, during the operation hugh efforts are put into innovation to build and improve our core competitiveness. Jidong has already formed scientific research, manufacture, and market integrated technology improvement system. According to the special needs of customers, our technical department cooperate with teams from home and aboard to form higher team develop products to meet customers’ needs. In Jidong we have wire & cable development and research center, and we have long term partnership with shanghai Natinoal wire & cable research and development center to develop the expected cables as customers demands. Now Jidong has a group of experienced workers and 8 senior engineers, 16 engineers, 3quality engineers, and 28 technicians. Thanks to the development and innovation, the company gradually won core technology to support the company’s sustainable development. We independently developed Flame retardant cables, fireproof cables, comprehensive water blocking cable, overhead wires, frequency cable and other new products.

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