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Jidong Putian Wire & Cable Co., Ltd is a professional cable manufacturer with its location in No.1329 Changcheng Road, Qian’an City, Hebei Province, China. Founded in October, 1988, Jidong has been supplying various cables for China and overseas market for more than 32 years.

The cable production in Jidong is strictly according to the national standards and international standards, and with complete system certifications. There are more than 400 set of equipment for manufacture and testing of MV&LV power cable, aluminum alloy cable, overhead insulated cable, AAC, ACSR, control cable, insulated electric wire, telecommunication cable, optical fiber cable, data cable, etc. 

The cable brand "Jidong" has been recognized by State Grid(SGCC), China Unicom, China Railcom, China Netcom, CSCEC, PLA(military) and other key industry and key engineering projects. Meanwhile, through the cooperation with customers from Africa, Europe, Asia and other countries, the cables of Jidong are widely known in the world.

Jidong holds enterprise spirit of “integrity, quality, high-efficiency and innovation” management philosophy of “Satisfying customers is our eternal pursuit” to build its own enterprise culture, respect its customers and employees, undertake its social responsibility and won Goodwill from the society. “5A enterprise of Quality Integrity” “AAAA Creditable Company”“Hebei province well-known trademark” “Top 20 cable supplier in China”, “Qualified cable products company through National Quality Inspection” drive Jidong forward, Jidong has already passed the accreditation of national well known trade mark which means the company has developed in to a new stage.


Connect and benefit all the world is the development direction which Jidong always insisted to. We sincerely hope the products of Jidong will be the connection between Jidong and customers and become a bridge to the mutual-benefit. 


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